Frequently Asked Questions About Direct TV In Des Moines

When you subscribe to a television satellite service, you want to find a reliable company that offers all of the channels that you want at a reasonable price. If you’re interested in direct tv in Des Moines, read the information below for more information about this service. Visit website for more information.

Q.) How many TV packages are there to choose from?

A.) The three most popular direct tv packages are Choice with over 150 channels, Choice Xtra with over 205 channels and Choice Ultimate with over 225 channels. There are also other packages available to choose from including Entertainment and Premiere. You can add your favorite movie channels to your package and bundle them for more savings. If you love to watch sports on tv, you can select from various sports channels so you’ll never miss a game. Choose your programming by deciding which channels you want and how much you want to spend each month.

Q.) What types of receivers are available from direct tv?

A.) You can choose from several types of receivers and each have their own unique features. These features may include parental controls, surround sound capability, subtitle viewing, TV show recording and DVR set up with your computer or cell phone. You can also search for your favorite tv shows up to three days in advance, set your DVR to record them and you’ll never miss an episode. Some receives also have a record, play and pause selection for when you’re watching live tv.

Q.) What types of tv services are available for businesses?

A.) If you want direct tv in Des Moines for your business such as a retail store, hotel or bar, you also have several different packages to choose from. All packages are available with local channels so you can keep up with the news in your area. If you’re not sure which package you need for your business, a representative can help you choose the best programming for your business model.

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