Frequently Asked Questions About Clay Tile Roof Repair In Tucson

A damaged clay tile roof can cause water to ruin the inside of your house and your furnishings. Before the heavy rains begin to fall, contact a Roof Repair Tucson area contractor to repair your clay tile roof and prevent damage to the inside of your house. Read the questions and answers below to find out more information about repairing a clay tile roof.

Q.) What can cause damage to a clay tile roof?

A.) Clay tiles can become cracked, chipped or broken from storms, ice or hail damage. If the tiles aren’t properly installed on a roof, they can become loose and slip out of place. Large branches from an overhanging tree can fall on the clay tiles and cause them to shatter.

Q.) Is it difficult for a homeowner to repair a clay tile roof?

A.) If you’ve never repaired a clay tile roof before, it’s best to leave this job to an experienced Roof Repair Tucson area professional company. If you don’t know how to properly replace the damaged tiles with new ones, you may accidentally break the new tiles or other tiles on the roof. Walking on your roof can also ruin the tiles, so you must know how to properly walk on the tiles. A roofing company that specializes in clay tile roof repair has the knowledge and the proper tools for the job.

Q.) What are some preventative steps to take to keep a clay tile roof from leaking?

A.) Trim any tree branches that hang above your roof, so they don’t fall and break the tiles. Contact a roofing contractor to periodically inspect your roof and check for broken tiles and roof damage. If any of your clay tiles are damaged, a professional Roof Repair Tucson area company can fix your roof before it starts to leak inside your home.

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