Free Standing Bridge Crane – When Safe Material Handling Matters

A free standing bridge crane can be one of the most effective means of handling heavy industrial equipment and getting it from one destination to the next. As such, bridge cranes exist in a variety of forms and can be adapted to numerous environments. There are a number of benefits worth noting.

Bridge Cranes are Versatile
Space is critically important in industrial settings. Overhead cranes can occupy spaces where some pieces of equipment are difficult to place. Plant floors can be arranged around the business being conducted when there are fewer on-floor obstructions. According to the setup, it can be quite easy to align a free standing system with support columns within a building.

Bridge Cranes Can Be Safely Operated
Safety is always a concern on industrial shop floors. A free standing bridge crane allows the operator to oversee work from a safe position. Cranes can also be fitted with other safety devices (anti-collision) that can help prevent accidents. Their hook accessories are very easy to customize as well. These accessories can include c-hooks, weight scales, spreader bards, vacuum lifts, and much more. Hook accessories can be changed to fit the task at hand. Increasingly heavy payloads can be handled safely as operators can choose how close, or far away, they stand from the operation.

Low Operating Costs
With a bridge crane, operating costs are low. An installed system may be completely manual, or it may employ a multi-phase system that uses very little energy. The bridge crane is ready to go at all times, day or night. The cranes are also ergonomically friendly. They can be fitted to individual workstations. The results can be an increase in productivity and a reduction in product damage. ROI can easily be assessed in a very short time. One overlooked benefit might also be that cranes can contribute to a more-diverse workforce. Size, strength, or gender no longer becomes a primary factor for who works on the shop floor.

Partnering with the Right Company
Companies looking to partner with a company that manufactures a free standing bridge crane system should consider if the company can customize to match their needs, if they have a 24-hour parts and service hotline, and if the company can re-manufacture and service new, and existing systems. A top-notch company will also make sure that clients are up to code with all OSHA requirements as part of their customer service package.

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