Four Ways to Save Money on Home Landscaping in Ridgefield, CT

Landscaping can make your home attractive and add value. However, most people think of landscaping in Ridgefield, CT, they often think it is expensive. Landscaping doesn’t require spending a fortune. Learn how to save money on landscaping in Ridgefield, CT.

Test Soil

Before you buy materials, buy a soil test from a home and garden center to determine pH levels, acid levels, and what your soil needs. It keeps you from spending money on the wrong plants or nutrients. If the pH level or acidic level is wrong for the plants, they can’t absorb the nutrients properly.

Opt for Perennials

Cheap plants or annual plants aren’t always a good idea since you need to constantly replace them. Perennials may cost more, but they last longer, and you save time from having to frequently replace them.

Landscape in Phases

Instead of doing everything at once, plan each phase. Not many homeowners can complete all the landscaping in a short time. Plan your budget accordingly, reevaluate after each step, and adjust when needed.

Time Your Spending

When you buy plants or materials can make as much of a difference in cost as when you buy them. Plants may be cheaper off-season, and the price of certain tools can fluctuate depending on the time of year. New plant releases will be higher so let the demand fall to get a lower price.

Professional Landscaping

While it is possible to handle many landscaping tasks yourself, you can’t go wrong with a professional to help with designing and operating equipment. Contact Exteriors Inc to get the job done.

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