Four Ways to Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line With Dewatering Equipment

If your company is struggling to make ends meet, then buying dewatering equipment may be the answer to increasing your company’s profits. You also get the knowledge that you are helping to protect the environment, so buying dewatering equipment is a win-win situation.

First, when you own the equipment, you have control of the costs. You are removing all the liquids from your commercial waste, so it will weigh much less. That means you can make fewer trips to the landfill if you haul your own waste. Fewer trips equal less workforce that you have to pay to get this important job completed.

Secondly, while most businesses are hooked into whatever fees, the closest landfill or their city’s municipal service charges them, you will be sending much less trash to the landfill. Therefore, you lower your disposal fees instantly.

Third, once you get the equipment, there are many different industries that may be glad to work with you, including agriculture, other manufacturers, public-owned treatment works, and composters. In most cases, you can set your fees to work with these individuals and companies.

Fourth, you may experience reduced fines. With the Occupational Health and Safety Commission’s rules, you are responsible for many levels of waste that you send to the landfill. Using this equipment has been shown to reduce many levels by up to 95 percent, including fats, oils, grease, organic pollution, along with chemical and biological oxygen demand waste. Fines often start at $30,000 per incident and rise from there.

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