Four Things to Look for in a Blood Drawing Chair

You may think every blood drawing chair is the same, but there actually is quite a wide variety of chairs to select from for your blood drawing facility. And the higher in quality you go here, the more comfortable your patients and anyone needing blood drawn will be during their visit to your facility. Consider what components you want in a chair, and then grab one or a few, depending on your facility’s needs.

Seek Enhanced Comfort
First, look for comfort in any blood drawing chair. People will not necessarily be in the chair for all that long, but they will be under a certain amount of distress, at least a majority of the people who come through your facility’s doors anyway. As you probably are more than well aware, most people are uncomfortable getting their blood drawn. Anything you can do to enhance their comfort – like choosing a chair that has a soft touch to it and that has perhaps an upholstered back for added comfort – can put them more at ease, which can make the blood-drawing process simpler for your staff too.

Ensure Safety Features
Second, ensure there are safety features in place in the chair. As mentioned previously, people do not always like to get blood drawn. Therefore, some may faint even at the thought of it being done, or when the blood does come through. Nice padded pads for their arms and a cushioned yet secure space for them to sit can keep them upright should anything go wrong. And of course having adjustable features where patients can easily get in and get out of the chair help too.

Verify Quality
Third, verify quality. Many manufacturers create blood drawing chairs, but not all do a very good job of it. Ensure quality by reading up on the manufacturers behind the blood drawing chair or chairs on your short list. Make sure they have not had any negative product reviews published about them or that any issues were resolved shortly after they were made by past customers. A quality manufacturer with a high level of customer service is crucial to have your chairs last as long as they should.

Make a Good Match
Fourth, ensure your chair matches the rest of your room or facility. It is ideal to have the chair go well with the décor that appears throughout the rest of your blood drawing room or practice to tie everything together and to not draw too much attention to the chair. Once these four things have been covered, you should have your chair.

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