Four Key Factors for Choosing a Quality Pharmacy in Lititz, PA

There are many big chain and independent pharmacies available where you can fill your prescriptions, but how do you know if you have chosen the right one? Quality pharmacies are customer oriented and employ pharmacists and policies that facilitate the ever-changing prescription needs of the customer. Here are four key factors to examine to help you choose a quality pharmacy in Lititz PA.

1. Is Personalized Service Available?

A quality pharmacy takes the time to address your needs as an individual instead of providing you with generic services. The best pharmacies keep extensive records on their customers, including the name of their primary doctor, their medical profile and a list of every prescription medication they take. This, along with customer input, helps the pharmacy to tailor services to specific customer needs seamlessly.

2. Is the pharmacy properly licensed?

Quality pharmacies have proper licensing in place and only employ well-trained and qualified pharmacists. This is especially important when dealing with smaller, independently owed pharmacies. A licensed pharmacy adheres to all the required laws and regulations and ensures proper practices for the safety of their customers and the public.

3. Can you speak with a pharmacist easily?

You should always be able to speak with a pharmacist at your pharmacy of choice with ease. The best pharmacies are responsive to their customers’ needs and have several channels of communication open through which you can get the information you want quickly. Pharmacy staff should be knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to provide thorough answers to your questions.

4. Can you order your prescriptions online?

Quality pharmacies typically facilitate their customers with ordering prescriptions through their official website. Pharmacies offer this free service to over-deliver to their customers and surpass the basic customer care experience. Related convenience services provided usually include options such as home delivery, automatic refills and direct insurance billing.

Use these factors to help you find the ideal pharmacy in Lititz PA for your needs. It is important to choose the services of a pharmacy that makes you feel comfortable and has a superior level of customer service. Take the time to perform due diligence before you begin using a specific pharmacy for your prescription medication needs.