Ford Fusion Performance and Design Features

The Ford Fusion is a mid-size sedan build by Ford. It is a four-door popular car model that offers many great driving features that appeal to many. Following are some top design characteristics that the trendy and stylish vehicle offers.


The Ford Fusion comes with smartphone enabled features, voice recognition technology, and SiriusXM Radio. These available features move the Fusion into a category of its own. There is a standard rearview camera that is a great safety element and a four speaker system. Equipped with these modern conveniences, it will empower you to take on the road with confidence and style.

Hybrid Machinery

The Ford Fusion comes in a hybrid model that uses gasoline and electric. It has been considered one of the top ranking and affordable cars many numerous publications. Now in its second generation, the EPA rated the vehicle at 42 miles per gallon. It is a great option to be environmentally friendly while driving on the roads and highways.


The Fusion seats five people comfortably. Having a quiet cabin, the driving experience is ideal for all passengers. There are power adjusting seating options as well as the options for cooling and heating seat surfaces.

There are options for a leather interior, sunroof, remote car start and installed navigation system to name a few. Contact your dealership if you are interested in the rest of the available options for the Ford Fusion in Wheeling and the surrounding area.


The Fusion provides great steering ability while on the road. Front wheel drive comes standard with the car. The rakes provide a reliable strength when applied and gives the driver a completely controlled feeling while navigating the turns and twists of the drive. The wheels are solid and reliable and provide a good grip on the asphalt.

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