Follow These Tips When Shopping For Engagement Rings In Tarrytown, NY

Your engagement ring and wedding band are rings that you’ll be wearing your entire lifetime. When looking at engagement rings in Tarrytown NY, you’ll want to choose one that you’ll love now and in the future. Before purchasing your ring, read the tips below to ensure that you’ll love your ring forever.

  • The cut of a ring is the shape of the diamond and you’ll most likely prefer one shape over the others. However, try different rings on your finger to see which one looks the best on your hand. If you have small hands, an oval or rectangular shaped ring may look too big on your finger, while a dainty heart shaped ring may look like a child’s ring if you have large hands. Popular engagement ring cuts include marquise, emerald, heart, pear and round.
  • Choosing the width of your band is another decision you’ll have to make. The size of your hand and fingers also applies to the size of band you’ll want to purchase. A thick band might look too clunky if you have small fingers. Engagement rings with a wider band allows you to have the jeweler engrave a message on the inside of the band.
  • The setting of a ring is how the diamonds are secured into the ring. Many rings have a prong setting in which a number of prongs fit at the edges of the diamond to hold it into place. A channel set holds the stones next to each other and the metal rests on either side of the stones. A flat strip of metal encircles the outer edge of the stone with a bezel setting. A ring that has a paved setting has one large stone in the center that is surrounded by several closely set smaller stones.

Take your time when looking for Engagement Rings in Tarrytown, NY so that you’ll be completely happy with your choice. Michael Matthews Jewelers specializes in only the finest jewelry including, precious stones and diamond engagement rings for him and her. They’ll also buy your old jewelry including pieces that are broken or doesn’t have a match. Other services include jewelry repair, watch battery replacement and cleaning.

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