Florida-Made Device Boosts Overall Wellness Without Medication

The world can be a stressful place for many reasons. If you’re looking for more natural ways to ease the stress in your life, then these incredible new earbuds that stimulate the vagus nerve with music may be just the ticket to your wellness. With these new smart headphones, you can connect seamlessly to your device and listen to music, podcasts, or merely the soothing tones provided through the accompanying app.

How It Works

The Vagus nerve is the longest one traveling through the autonomic nervous system, which helps process bodily functions without any conscious effort on your part. When these earbuds stimulate the vagus nerve with music, calming sensations and messages are sent to the brain to help with overall wellness and comfort. You may also notice that sleeping becomes more restful and deep after stimulating the vagus nerve.

Discreet Stress Relief

As previously discussed, there are many stress triggers in life that can negatively affect your overall wellness. Instead of heading to the doctor to add another pill to your regimen, take control of your body by using these earbuds as a natural tool to calm and soothe yourself wherever life takes you. Because these genius little earbuds look just like any other listening device as they stimulate the

vagus nerve with music, nobody has to know you’re actually combating stress and working on your overall wellbeing, leaving you to avoid unwanted attention.

Contact Neuvana to learn more about their products and services at https://neuvanalife.com/, and to shop for your new mood booster.

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