Fixing Bowed Walls the Right Way

The foundation is the most important aspect to the structure of your home. It’s the base upon which all else is built. Without a strong foundation to build upon the rest of the structure will be compromised. Given time such compromised structures can fail catastrophically. We often think that a bad foundation is the result of shoddy construction but this is not always true. Weakened foundations can be caused by one of the simplest forces in nature, water.

Water can pool around the foundation walls and loosen the earth around the foundation. Over time the loosened soil is pushed aside by the weight of the structure which then causes the building to shift. In many cases this is a gradual process which goes unnoticed until it is too late. Other times there will be traces of seepage or leakage in the foundation or basement walls. One simple prevention method often overlooked is to make sure any runoff from rain is properly drained away from you home or business. A more important option is Waterproofing. Waterproofing your basement or foundation walls helps to prevent unwanted moisture from entering your home which in turn can help to prevent any number of problems.

There are several things to watch for if you have concerns with your home or business’s foundation. Simple things like doors not closing properly or windows sticking in the frame can certainly point to problems. By themselves these indicators are not enough to know for certain that your foundation is flawed but Bowed Walls Pittsburgh PA is an excellent place to begin looking for information. Buckled or bowed foundation walls are more accurate indications of foundation problems.

Bowed Walls Pittsburgh PA are not the only things to look for. You should also check for cracks in interior or exterior walls or ceilings. Sinking or buckling interior concrete floors as well as separation of walls and floors might also be indications of a failing foundation. Taken separately these problems can have other causes. After all every home settles over time but when several of them are found together a faulty foundation is the likely culprit. It is often a good idea to ask an expert whenever you see any of these indicators in your home or business.

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