Fire Safety Measures in Your NJ Restaurant

Owning a restaurant in NJ can be a very rewarding venture – but it’s also a venture that comes with major fire risks. Open flames, electrical connections, hot equipment, cleaning chemicals, paper products and cooking oils can be a recipe for a disaster. If a fire does erupt, it can quickly get out of control. A fire can not only cause irreparable damage to your establishment – it can cause injury or worse to your employees and your guests. Fire protection services in NJ can be obtained from professionals that provide a variety of equipment to keep on hand in the event of a fire. Luckily, there are preventative measures you can take to make sure that your restaurant stays safe for everyone.

Preventative measures

  • Your kitchen should be equipped with an automatic fire-suppression system. These systems will automatically dispense chemicals in the event of a fire, and they also have a manual switch. When the system is activated, the electric or fuel supply is automatically shut down to nearby cooking equipment. This system should be installed and maintained by professional fire protection technicians.

  • Keep portable fire extinguishers in several spots in your kitchen as a backup. They will need to be the types that are specifically made for kitchen fires involving oils, fats and grease. Keep other extinguishers in different areas that can handle paper, electrical and wood fires.

  • Schedule regular maintenance on your electrical equipment. Watch for hazards such as broken or cracked switch plates, frayed wiring or cords and combustible items near power sources.

  • Have your exhaust system checked regularly for grease buildup. Quarterly inspections are best, but you’ll have to follow fire code guidelines to ensure you are inspecting as per their guidelines.

Staff Training

Train your staff to:

  • Use a fire extinguisher in case of emergency. A general guideline is to follow the PAST rule – pull the pin, aim at the base, make a sweeping motion, and (be) ten feet away.

  • Clean up: Grease on exhaust hoods is particularly important because grease buildup can slow down air flow. Also be sure that staff cleans work surfaces like broilers, fryers, ranges, and convection ovens.

  • Never throw water onto a grease fire. This will cause the grease to splatter and spread, and will likely result in a larger fire.

  • Turn off all cooking equipment before leaving for the night. Burners and equipment that are left on can cause a fire to erupt, and no one will be there to control the situation.

Fire protection services can help equip you with the proper solutions for your business. There is a wide variety of systems and equipment to choose from that will keep your restaurant safe and secure.

Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp specializes in fire protection services in NJ and the surrounding areas. They have a wide range of equipment to ensure your safety. Call or visit today.

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