Finishing in Grand Rapids for That Extra Special Final Sheen

A home really comes to life with a new coat of paint. No matter the room or the style of paint, the best kind of work gives a vitality and energy to a room that can not be attained in any other way. Jon DeGraaf Painting Inc. has painted homes, businesses, and complexes for upwards of 70 years. A history as rich and generation spanning has accumulated enough precise techniques and customers to confirm their place as the best in the region. West Michigan has seen a lot of painting companies come and go. Few have figured out the winning formula and balance between staying vital and offering the best service possible.

An affordable and excellent way to really amp up a home is through Finishing in Grand Rapids. Paint finishes come in many styles. The core initial layering generally incorporates a single bold color. It can be dark red (for dining rooms) light brown (for living rooms) blue (for a spacious feel) or beige/white (traditional). Each of the four main finishes has various uses and set forward different tones. They include

  • Old World: The rustic and organic feel is best accomplished through the Old World style finish
  • Contemporary: This brilliant glowing finish illuminates lighter colors and gives a very modernized and sterile feel
  • Transitional: This choice is becoming more popular for its style. It offers a textured look that is unrivaled
  • Elegant: For luxury homes or massive halls, this type of finish is best in high traffic areas or higher-end homes

Paint finishes are not confined to these four options. Customers can also get spray finishes, wall murals, and paint stenciling for innovative and unique looks that appear splendid. It really depends on the preferences of the customer, for each Painting Contractor is professionally trained to offer any type of Finishing in Grand Rapids. This niche approaches to home decor are quickly rising in the ranks and becoming quite popular.

Customers can get free estimates for Finishing in Grand Rapids by visiting the website and/or calling the business number. The family owned operation has spanned three generations. A history rich in providing the community with beautiful homes lies at the center of the company’s offering.