Finding the Right Roofers in Downers Grove

One of the most dreaded sentences a home-owner can hear uttered is “You’re going to need a  new roof.” Typically, depending on the size of the house, a new roof is going to cost several thousand dollars at a minimum. It is important, therefore, to understand what those words mean when they apply to your house and your situation. A very big question, as well, is what are the signs you can observe as a home-owner that tell you a new roof is necessary. There are a few basic signs that this article will discuss. Different parts of the country have differing stresses that they place on roofs, so it is important to keep your environment, climate and weather in mind as you do your inspection.

The first, and most obvious, are signs of leaking and water damage that is progressing. Water  stains on your ceiling are just one identifiable and visible sign. But, there are others. If you have asphalt shingles, they may start changing color, curling up and becoming easy to break apart. If you find many small pieces of shingles in your gutters while cleaning, this is another sign that the shingles are beginning to fail.

The problem with failing shingles is that as the protective nature of the shingles vanishes, the underlying components of the roof are increasingly exposed to the elements. Since roofs are made of multiple layers of material to give them strength and durability, the failure of the outermost layer, the shingles, makes the underlying components more vulnerable.

Another aspect to be aware of is age and insulation. As people become more conscious of conserving energy, they are beginning to realize that the amount of heat loss through their roofs can be significant. A failing roof accelerates that heat loss.  Neglected roofs will eventually allow water into the wood and drywall ceilings into the house. As insulation becomes wet, its weight (which is tremendous) will eventually allow the ceiling to collapse. This is a scenario no home-owner wants to deal with.
If you would like to have a comprehensive roof inspection to evaluate the state of your home’s roof, contact Roof Company, Roofers in Downers Grove IL. They will provide an expert and ethical assessment of your roof and any steps you may need to take to protect the home beneath it.