Finding the Best Custom Cakes in Broward

Nothing hits the spot like a delicious freshly-baked piece of cake. Whether it’s a birthday party or any other special occasion, cakes are meant to be enjoyed in a group setting. This means you’ll need a cake that’s delicious as well as large enough to satisfy everyone’s cravings. If you’re short on time, there’s only one place you typically go. The immediate demand for a great cake typically takes us on a trip to our local supermarket.

Premade supermarket cakes are great, but sometimes we want to make a great impression by buying a freshly baked cake that’s custom-made to our liking. It’s rare that the supermarket bakeries will allow you to bake an entire cake from scratch and customize it as you go along. As a result, many supermarket bakeries only offer generic, cookie-cutter cakes. If you’re not satisfied with these generic cakes, don’t worry. Many independent bakeries have become experts at making custom cakes. However, finding the best custom cake maker to satisfy your craving for a great cake is easier said than done. Here are some tips that’ll help you find the best custom cakes in Broward.

An Esteemed Chef
When choosing your custom cakes, make sure you order from an experienced baker. Baking cakes, especially a large volume of them, requires a lot of training. It’s rare that a non-corporatized bakery can effectively churn out large amount of great tasting custom cakes. That being said, many local chefs are capable of doing so. Chefs with a background from an accredited school like Le Cordon Bleu are especially desired.

If a chef is well-trained, it’s likely his or her food will be of high quality and great taste. You can’t sacrifice quality when it comes to making a good cake. Remember, these cakes are made with traditional methods rather than the artificial, mass-produced methods found in supermarkets. This means you’re getting quality ingredients that are made entirely by hand.

Diverse Selection
The most important thing to keep in mind with any cake is the need for diverse options. You want to walk into a shop and take comfort in having the ability to pick any flavor or frosting that you desire. Most generic supermarket cakes are only available in a few flavors. In a custom cake shop, you could have over 12-plus flavor choices, and you can customize smaller decorations that are added onto the cake. This is especially great for birthday parties. Not only can you add a name or celebratory message, but a custom cake maker can add other personalized details as well.

While the events themselves are the most important thing, special occasions aren’t complete without a great cake. The next time you’re in need of a cake, consider some of these tips to find the cake of your dreams.

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