Finding Quality Puppy Boarding In Brooklyn Park, MN

Having a new puppy in the house, particularly for first-time dog owners in Brooklyn Park, MN, can be a steep learning curve. There is training to consider, choosing a vet and simply getting the puppy used to life in your home and away from his or her littermates and mother.

Typically, this is a very easy procedure, and puppies soon adjust to life in your home. However, if you have to travel for work, family events or just to take a well-deserved vacation, finding a puppy boarding facility is an important factor.

Not all puppy boarding facilities are the same. Choosing a kennel that provides fun for the puppy while also ensuring safety, care and attention will allow you to feel confident and comfortable in leaving your puppy in the care of the kennel.

Facilities Tour

One of the easiest ways to ensure the facility is well-maintained and clean is to ask to take a tour. The best boarding kennels will always schedule these tours and provide dog owners with information about their services.

Some of the top puppy boarding kennels also provide online access through webcams. These may be available to the public for the central plan and training areas, but private suites for the dogs require a secure login. This is a great way for puppy owners to be able to check in on their puppies or dogs at any time.

Safety First

All top kennels and doggy daycare facilities in the Brooklyn Park, MN, require the owners provide information on current vaccinations and flea management programs. This is particularly important for puppies as they do not have the same immune systems as grown dogs.

Always check to make sure that safety is the first consideration with any kennel or doggy daycare. This also includes the expertise and experience of the staff and the supervision and interaction provided for the dogs.

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