Finding Carpet Cleaning Services in Kansas City, MO to Remove Stains

Carpet stains can be simple or tricky to remove, it just depends on the stain. For example, gum is a lot easier to remove than grape juice or wine. In fact, most dark grape juice stains and red wine stains are not likely to come out, although services from a carpet stain remover in Kansas City may be able to lighten the stains on light-colored carpeting. Keep reading to learn about other stains that a professional carpet stain remover in Kansas City can remove.

Tomato-Based Food Stains

This particular type of stain often surprises people. After all, grape juice and wine really don’t come out, so why would something red from tomatoes? It actually has a lot to do with the natural coloration of tomato-based food products and the fact that tomatoes are never the only ingredient in certain sauces and condiments. These types of stains can be removed because they are already a mixture of ingredients that break down easier with a professional’s stain-removing chemicals and machines.

Some Paint

If you paint a bedroom but accidentally get paint on the carpet, you may be in trouble. Acrylic is harder to remove than oil, but oil leaves traces of saturated pigment. If you are going to use a water-based wall paint, this will come out of carpet the easiest. However, most people lean toward oil-based or acrylic for their unique properties. To find out if the stains in your carpet can be removed, contact SERVPRO of East Independence/Blue Springs via

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