Finding A Boston Company For Quality Precision Metal Stampings

When your company requires seamless parts and components that are designed and manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, finding the right company to complete precision metal stampings needs to be a priority. Starting the search early in the conceptualization process for the prototype or when considering a new supplier for current parts will avoid potential delays in production while you search for the best match.

There are companies in Boston that have the ability to produce good quality stamped components, but not all companies that have stamping capacity are a good option for all industries and for all projects. Taking the time to carefully consider the stamping service and to work with a company that uses the same business model and commitment to quality you demand from your staff and processes will be essential.


Companies offering precision metal stampings should have a positive reputation in the industry. This is not difficult to determine as simply asking for referrals or talking to others in your industry about the companies they use will provide a good idea of which companies to consider and those to avoid.

A positive reputation needs to be more than just quality, although that is certainly a key factor. Make sure the business has a reputation for completing orders on time, charging reasonable rates for their services and for working well with teams to complete the project.


A very good sight of a company with a focus on quality is the ISO 9001:2008 certification. This is a very detailed and specific customer service and quality control certification that only a small number of businesses that apply ever achieve.

This specific certification is also not given for a lifetime; rather it has to be renewed regularly, which means the business continues to have this focus to maintain the registration. The process for certification includes both documentation as well as a physical audit of the business, and it is not an easy certification to earn or to maintain.


Different companies in Boston with a specialization in precision metal stampings will also offer different additional services. These are often related to specializations for industries and can be very effective in providing the services the OEM needs all in one shop.

Before selecting a final provider of metal stamping services, spend time reviewing their website and talking to their staff. Find out what additional specializations and services they offer and how these could be integrated into your production requirements.

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