Find Out Why the Subaru Forester in Newark, NJ Is a Good Choice

Now that you are looking for a new vehicle, why not check out the 2021 lineup of vehicles? You have a lot of options to choose from, including the Subaru Forester in Newark, NJ. It is one of the options for those who are looking for a smaller crossover that still has a lot of power and exceptional features. Is it right for you?

Finding the Right Car for You

The Subaru Forester in Newark, NJ, has a lot to offer today’s buyer. This vehicle is considered a compact crossover. It has room for up to five people. It has ample leg and shoulder room inside and a good amount of storage space. This vehicle is designed with advanced technology from the 2021 lineup. There are several trim options to choose from as well.

As far as power and performance, the Forester offers a four cylinder engine with a Lineartronic 7 speed CVT transmission. This delivers superior power and as much as 182 horsepower at 5800 RPMs. This vehicle also is designed to provide better than average fuel economy with 26 city and 33 highway miles per gallon.

The interior is comfortable and designed to be relaxing. The exterior is bold and bright. The Subaru Forester in Newark, NJ, could be a good option for those who want reliability and a well designed vehicle. It has the features you need to love your next road trip or drive to work.

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