Find Out if You Qualify for Supplemental Security Income Benefits in Philadelphia

SSI, better known as Supplement Security Income, is funded by tax revenues through Social Security. This program is designed to aid people that have little to no income and resources and are unable to work due to a disability. SSI differs from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits simply because it is not based on prior work history or Social Security tax amounts that have been paid overtime. People that are eligible for Supplemental Security Income in Philadelphia must be found to be disabled and have little to no income and resources. If you believe you are eligible for SSI, you need to file an SSI disability application in Philadelphia with the help of a qualified attorney.

Finding an Experienced Attorney to File Your Case

When filing for Supplement Security Income benefits you need a law firm that has already aided thousands of people just like you. They should be board-certified in Social Security Disability law and understand the complicated ins and outs of the law that has many complex procedures and regulations. Filing for SSI benefits will always go much smoother when you have professional advice and hire a law office that is familiar with the application and appeals process.

The Purpose of Supplement Security Income Benefits

SSI benefits are meant to help disabled people who are not able to provide basic necessities for themselves and/or their families due to an illness. They need economic relief so they can make ends meet, despite their disability which hinders them from working on a regular and continuing basis.

Requirements for Obtaining Supplemental Security Income

The medical requirements for obtaining SSI are the same as meeting the medical requirements for SSDI benefits; however, in order to qualify for SSI, an individual must have little to no household income and resources. It is always best to let professional attorneys handle SSI claims since they are more knowledgeable about SSA’s rules and regulations regarding both medical and financial/technical eligibility. Professionally skilled attorneys are there to answer your questions and give advice concerning your particular SSI case.

Contact a qualified attorney at the Leventhal, Sutton and Gornstein to help you complete an SSI disability application in Philadelphia. When your ability to pay for food, shelter, and medication is at stake, it’s best to hire an experienced law firm. The team at the Leventhal, Sutton and Gornstein can provide the professional legal guidance that is needed.

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