Find Affordable Wedding Supplies in Lehigh Acres, FL

Many couples are deciding to forgo fancy weddings that cost $25,000 or more. They would rather spend the money on a house or doing something practical like paying off their student loans. These practical couples often choose a traditional at-home wedding. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want to have a beautiful day with lots of festivities. There are many companies that provide Wedding Supplies Lehigh Acres FL. The couple will find tents, tables chairs, and glassware to accommodate the largest backyard wedding. They’ll also find chocolate fountains and lots of decorations for specialty theme weddings.

Almost all backyard weddings begin with a tent. It creates a focal point for the celebration. Guests can quickly figure out that they should congregate at under the tent. It’s easy to use flowers and chairs to create an intimate wedding setting. It’s also a very practical solution for the hot Florida sun or a rainy day. Weddings usually include many older relatives. These folks can be particularly prone to dehydration and heat stroke. A tent will give them a cooler place to sit and enjoy the day. A very considerate host will also include a cool misting fan in one of part of the tent. If the day is extremely hot the misting fan can reduce temperatures my as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best Wedding Supplies stores can tell the bride how big the tent should be based on the number of people attending. They know how many round or rectangular tables will be needed. Then the bride can decide what types of decorations should be put on each of the tables. Some Wedding Supplies in Lehigh Acres FL area companies just drop off the tables and chairs after the tent has been erected. While this is cheaper, setting up tables and chairs can take a lot of strength and time. The day before the wedding is normally a chaotic and stress-filled time. Choosing a company that will set up and take down the table and chairs is often a wise decision. The tent company can also accommodate a dance floor in addition to tables and chairs. Of course the size of the backyard has to be able to hold a larger tent size.

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