Financial Planning With Your Partner and a Certified Financial Planner in Costa Mesa, CA

by | Jul 10, 2024 | Financial PLanning

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Combining two lives requires compromise and difficult conversations, especially about money and financial planning. A certified financial planner in Costa Mesa, CA, can help couples meet their financial goals by providing an outside look at their finances. Here are some tips for couples planning on seeing a financial specialist.

Plan Discussions

Money is an emotional and logical topic. Discussions around it should be planned ahead and not done at the spur of the moment. Set a time and topic for the discussion so you and your partner can gather your thoughts, research, and finances ahead of time. Topics you should discuss are:

  • Retirement plans
  • Discretionary spending
  • Large financial goals and timelines
  • Splitting the household budget

Plan for Disagreements

There will be things you and your partner disagree on, so in addition to planning for discussions, you should also plan to disagree, including thinking of alternatives to your preferred outcome for the discussion and a plan on what to do to avoid arguments. Will you end the discussion to allow a cooldown time or make certain topics completely off the table?

Ask Questions

Financial discussions should be open conversations, not a you vs. me brawl. They’re an excellent way to get to know your partner better. If your partner seems particularly stressed about extra spending, it may be a stressor from their childhood. If they’re not thinking of retirement, maybe they want to focus on having children and building college funds first. It’s important to ask questions and understand motivations.

Professional Help

Now that you and your partner have the basis for your financial goals and timelines, boost your financial future by working with a certified financial planner in Costa Mesa, CA. They can help you and your partner reach your financial goals faster or advise you to make a small change the two of you may not have considered.

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