Fighting A DUI Charge Through A Criminal Attorney In Fullerton

A Criminal Attorney in Fullerton assists you in fighting a DUI charge. This charges apply to both alcohol and controlled substances. At any time that you are pulled over and the office believes that you are impaired he or she has the right to arrest you under the suspicion that you are under the influence. When you are arrested to you have the option to refuse the breathalyzer test and request field sobriety tests instead. However, these tests are not accurate and do not always count as evidence. If you are arrested under the suspicion that you are driving under the influence, contact the Law Offices of Rondee J. Eagle.

DUI Charges and Punishments

What you should consider when you receive your fourth DUI conviction is that this charge is classified as a felony and implicates harsher punishments. In some cases, this may mean that you will receive a jail sentence of up to one year or more in county lockup. If convicted, you will also lose your driving privileges for a period determined by the judge. It is also probable that you will pay hefty fines and be required to attend driving school.

Local Criminal Defense

The Law Offices of Rondee J. Eagle provide effective criminal defense services for anyone who is accused of driving under the influence. This attorney will evaluate your case to determine whether the prosecution has an adequate case against you or move to have the charges dismissed. This law office is familiar with all criminal laws that apply to these charges. If you are charged with a DUI, you should contact the Law Offices of Rondee J. Eagle Immediately.


Your selected Criminal Attorney in Fullerton will provide you effective defense services to attempt to acquit you of these charges. If you have previous DUI conviction you should provide information to your attorney in regard to the circumstances that surround these charges especially if additional charges were added. Your attorney can, however, assist you in receiving drug or alcohol counseling if this is your first charge in lieu of a conviction. To hire an attorney within the Law Offices of Rondee J. Eagle visit

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