Family Law – A Legal Solution to Family Matters

by | Aug 16, 2010 | Legal Advice

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Family law was introduced to legally resolve family matters like divorce, property matters, adoption, domestic violence, etc. Some family matters are beyond control. They cannot be solved with discussion. Family law comes to your rescue over here. Here’s a brief explanation on matters included in family law:

Termination of relationship

Divorce is one way to terminate your relationship. This termination can also be classified into two divisions:

1) Couples without children – Divorce for couples with no children is relatively easy than the ones with children. The law allows you to take divorce if mutually decided. A period of minimum 6 months to one year is given to the couple before separation. If their decision is still the same then they can legally separate.

2) Couples with children – Children’s custody is the main issue that arises with these couples. Usually the custody is given to the mother especially if the child is legally minor. In exceptional cases, where the mother’s financial condition is poorer, then the custody can be given to the father. In both the cases, alimony is given to wife.

Property matters

Property matters are difficult to handle. These issues always create conflict amongst family members. Property issues arise usually amongst children after their parent’s death. These problems if not taken care of on time can worsen with time. Family law helps to settle this issue by equal distribution of property.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the ugliest problems faced by some families. This can be violence against wife by husband or children beating up their old parents. Any kind of violence that takes place at home is known as domestic violence. Outsiders usually do not interfere in family matters and hence resolving these matters is very difficult. Registration of complaint by any family member has hence made it easy to put a stop to domestic violence.

Family law is very essential and powerful law that does not interfere in your family matters but helps you break the unreasonable bonds and strengthen the weakened bonds.

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