Family Law Attorney, Austin: How to Check the Comfort Levels

Did you know that of all the marriages that take place in America, only 52% are lucky enough to celebrate their 15th anniversary? Most of the balance 48% is confronted with marital separation. If you are a seeking a professional family law attorney in Austin to deal with your divorce related legalities, there is no dearth of options. However, you will need to know how to choose a lawyer who will be best suited to help you.

Family Law Attorney Austin: Checking the Comfort Level

Choosing a family law attorney in Austin is not only about checking the qualifications and experience. Family related legal disputes can be trying in more ways than one. Certainly, you would need a family law attorney in Austin who puts you completely at ease. Look for the following qualities in him.

  • He should be interested in the problems that were responsible for the divorce, apart from the legalities involved.
  • A good attorney with honest intentions will always make you aware of all possible outcomes of the case. His job is not to please you. He should instead concentrate on putting up a realistic picture, which can help you to prepare for the outcome. Once you are mentally ready for the unavoidable, you would be more at ease with yourself and the proceedings of the case.
  • Your lawyer should respond to your queries and communications within a stipulated period of time. However, refrain from unnecessary interactions that could lead to wastage of time. Stick to communicating reasonably and you should receive prompt responses.
  • All fee related matters should be discussed by the attorney with complete transparency.  Prefer a family law attorney in Austin who states his chargeable rates clearly. Your divorce lawyer is also likely to ask for a retention fee and state the services that would be provided against it.
  • Depending upon your involvement in the case, your attorney should discuss all forms of developments and communications with you. This is especially necessary for all communications with the opposing party or counsel. Ideally, your lawyer should discuss the entire proceedings with you as planned, before making any of the facts public in court. He should be respectful of your private life and divulge facts only with your prior consent.

These aspects could be more important than degrees and certificates, when it comes to dealing with sensitive cases such as divorce and child custody. Preferably, a family law attorney in Austin should have both, a certified degree and the required sensitivity to deal with a case.



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