Facts About How to Train a Dog

by | Oct 11, 2011 | Animal Health

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The best advice that we can offer when it comes down to how to train your dog properly is to remember two key terminologies – praise and reward. Using treats and an unlimited amount to reinforce positive behavior is the best way to effectively train your dog. You want to avoid talking to them in an angry tone of voice and by all means, avoid harsh punishment whenever possible. By following that simple advice, you and the dog will both benefit from the training experience.

The following steps regarding how to train a dog should help you achieve your goals where having a well-behaved and sociable animal is concerned:

Consider enrolling your dog in an obedience training course – they should at least be taught the basic commands of “heel”, “sit”, and “stay.”

When your dog learns a new command, praise them – the moment the behavior they exhibit is positive, use the word “good” as often as possible. Then follow this by giving them a treat and praise.

Increase your expectations slowly – many individuals make the mistake of expecting their dog to respond immediately to training. When they don’t, the individual gets frustrated with their progress and becomes critical of the animal. This will never work if you are trying to learn how to train your dog in proper fashion.

Reward the dog’s efforts, even if they are minimal – even if they don’t follow the command correctly, avoid being harsh and over-corrective.

Once your dog is familiar with the basic commands, move on to more difficult ones – once they are comfortable and responding properly to “heel”, “sit”, and “stay”, move on to other commands that are more challenging.

Whenever you have time during the day, work on how to train your dog – whenever you have time throughout the day, spend about 10 to 15 minutes conducting brief training sessions with your dog.

Once your dog is progressing well, train them in busier environments – dogs are situational learners and learn to adjust to their surroundings in a well-behaved manner when they are trained properly.

Start reducing treat rewards gradually – once you are seeing significant progress with your dog, start reducing the amount of treats you are giving them. However, do not reduce the amount of verbal praise you are giving them as they still need this to reinforce their good behavior.

There are some tips and warnings that you should pay attention to when you are learning how to train your dog. First, check with your local community college, humane society, pet stores, and veterinarian to inquire about dog obedience training classes. Maintain consistency by always using the same body language, tone of voice, and words so you don’t confuse your dog.

Above all else, you want to be patient because your dog needs a sufficient amount of time in order to learn exactly what you want from them. If they do not respond, consider using a different approach. Most of the time, it is the trainer’s fault when the animal does not understand what they want.

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