Fact or Fiction: Common Myths About Lap Band Surgery

There is a rising demand for lap band surgery in New Mexico. It’s one of the newest weight loss surgeries now being performed on a regular basis, especially in comparison to the also popular gastric bypass surgery, which has been performed for more than 30 years. Perhaps because it’s relatively new compared to other similar procedures, there are many myths surrounding lap band surgery. It’s important for any individual considering lap band surgery to learn as much as they can about the procedure and to be able to separate fact from fiction regarding the procedure.

The Dangers of Lap Band Surgery

Those interested in lap band surgery in New Mexico will likely have heard there are some risks associated with the procedure. However, while it’s true lap band surgery carries some risk, this is true of any procedure. Overall, lap band surgery isn’t dangerous. As long as a patient gets their surgery from an experienced medical team, they can expect a safe recovery, as well as weight loss once they have followed through with the operation. Additionally, when one begins to research lap band surgery in New Mexico, they may come across misinformation, such as the oft-reported detail a woman cannot become pregnant after she has undergone this surgery. This is not true. Women can and often do go on to have happy, healthy pregnancies after losing weight with the procedure.

Lap Band Surgery Efficacy

Another often reported detail about lap band surgery that has no bearing is severely obese individuals will benefit more from other types of weight loss procedures. However, an individual can receive lap band surgery in New Mexico and, as long as they stick to a diet plan recommended by their doctor, lose enough weight to take them down to a healthy BMI.

To learn more about options for lap band surgery in New Mexico and other weight loss surgery options, contact the team at Memorial Weight Loss Center at their website or by phone at 575-556-1849.

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