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by | Apr 15, 2013 | Health Care

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If you are experiencing any kind of ocular emergency you should contact your Eye doctor immediately. Any time you have any vision loss, excessive tearing, eye pain, blurry vision, or a discharge coming from your eye it is imperative that you get a diagnosis as soon as possible. You should go and see an Eye doctor Stroudsburg PA as soon as possible, because if you don’t you may experience permanent damage to your eyes which may include vision loss.

You should find an eye doctor that you can trust and you should try to stay with one doctor so that your eye history will be followed and understood. Everyone should go to the eye doctor at least once a year for check ups and to get a prescription for corrective lenses, glasses or contacts if need be. Your eyes should also be dilated so that the doctor can give you a complete eye examination. If the doctor catches things early enough you will have a better outcome. Their are many eye diseases that can be managed if not healed when diagnosed early enough. Before you choose your doctor call around and speak to the doctors close to you and find out if there is a doctor on call available at all times and also see if they can fit your schedule and your needs. You should try and find an eye clinic that can take care of every aspect of your eyes. Whether you are a candidate for lasik, cataract surgery, macular issues it is best that if one doctor examines you and sees a problem you can be seen immediately in the same building by a different specialist. It is frustrating and frightening when you are getting an examination by one doctor that suspects something is wrong and you have to wait to make an appointment with another specialist for a month from now. You only have two eyes and you need them from the moment you open them to the moment you close them. Everything you do requires your eye sight so you shouldn’t neglect your eye health. Choose your eye doctor wisely.


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