EVA Cases: Carrying Sensitive Items Safely

by | May 6, 2016 | General

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If you are thinking of transporting sensitive items or instruments across counties and even countries to handle a specific job, you often turn to specialized containers or kits. You may even consider customs designs to ensure the containers are capable of carrying specific items. If this is the case, you need to look at EVA cases . They are the standard for many medical and industrial applications worldwide.

What Is EVA?

EVA, also known as EVA thermoforming, is the acronym applied when referring to ethylene vinyl acetate foam. This method uses heat to form various fabrics, foam and film into a semi-rigid shape which, when laminated to one of the many vibrant colors, in turn becomes a durable custom portable case. Companies offer standard products but also employ EVA thermoforming to provide their clients with customized products. This may involve the production of cavities designed to hold specific instruments or tools. It could also simply meant the addition of such things as logos or brand markings to the exterior of the case.

Overall, the EVA procedure produces carrying cases that are light, moisture-tight, portable and colorful. They are also dust free and block out the light. These cases may have zippers. The client may also choose between a strap and a handle or opt for both.

What Are the Uses of EVA Carrying Cases?

Many different types of industries and service-oriented organizations utilize EVA carrying cases. They have many different applications within these diverse groups. All specifically address the transportation of material specifically:

* Medical Equipment
* Electronics
* Instrument or weapons holsters
* Test Equipment
* Sales Items (usually referred to as kits)
* Inspection Items (often forming kits)
* Industrial equipment

Industrial and medical groups, to name only a two, often employ put EVA cases to carry out the above purposes.

EVA Cases: Carrying Sensitive Items Safely and Securely

EVA thermoforming is one means of producing the right containers for your medical instruments or other types of equipment. Semi-rigid in composition, these products appear as smooth as silk. They lack wrinkles and are very durable. At the same time, they provide superior protection from the elements, including dust, light and moisture.

Overall, the process can prove to be very beneficial for the transportation of many sensitive instruments. It is also generally more affordable than various types of molding. This makes the process more attractive to those who want protection for their devices but have to work within a set budget. For those who want stylish protection for their items, the obvious choice is EVA cases.

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