Environmental Engineers in Jackson, MS Protect Groundwater and Other Natural Resources

Water flows over the top of land and it flows through soil below it. Construction projects are not allowed to increase drainage on adjacent properties. They are also not permitted to allow polluted water to filter down through the soil. It is the job of Environmental engineers in Jackson MS to ensure that construction does not affect the surface water or groundwater. Environmental engineers use complex hydrology models to estimate how much water a construction project will displace. They then use other models to prove that mitigation measures will be effective.

Environmental engineers in Jackson MS have to be able to explain their models to the politicians who sit on local boards and the members of the public that attend hearings on the project. People now understand that polluted groundwater can cause serious diseases. Therefore they pay close attention to projects that might affect it. If the project won’t be connected to a public sewer system, then the engineer will have to explain how the size of the system was determined. He will also have to explain how effectively wastewater will be treated and kept away from adjacent properties.

In addition to surface and groundwater resources, environmental engineers in Jacksonhave to protect wildlife habitats, endangered species and rare trees and vegetation. They have to work with a land surveyor to map all of the crtical areas on a construciton site. They then have to show how these areas will be protected. The site also has to be attractive for people to use. Often an environmental engineer will work with a landscape architect in this phase. They can design a series of natural ponds and swails to divert drainage away from critical areas. Sometimes the environmental engineer will have to make sure that enough water reaches an important wildlife habitat. So he creates a series of pipes to do this. At intervals the pipes lead through leaching fields. This removes any pollution from the water.

Oneal-Bond Engineering is one of the Jackson engineering firms that employs environmental engineers. They will be happy to meet with land developers to discuss their projects and engineering needs.

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