Ensure Your Home or Business Stays at a Constant Temperature With Help From HVAC Contractors

by | Dec 23, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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One of the most common concerns for both commercial and residential properties is building temperature. To ensure you have a consistent temperature throughout your building you may want to invest in an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. An HVAC system is a centralized appliance that controls both heat and air. This is convenient because you don’t have to worry about multiple devices for heating and cooling. Of course, an HVAC does require the installation of air ducts to distribute the air, but most modern buildings are designed with HVAC units in mind.

One of the most important functions provided by HVAC contractors is routine maintenance. This typically includes cleaning the appliance, testing vital components and charging the refrigerant. The latter is important because the refrigerant also carries the lubricant for the condenser unit. If the refrigerant is too low, the condenser may not get the lubrication it needs and overheat. This could lead to the condenser locking up or burning out. Refrigerant level is also vital to proper operation of many modern HVAC systems and keeps them operating at peak efficiency.

Another component that needs to be checked is the evaporator coil. In some units, this coil is placed in an awkward location and is difficult to clean properly. In these situations, the homeowner may not be able to reach the bottom or back side of the coil. An HVAC technician can easily remove the refrigerant from the system then remove the coil so it can be cleaned in an acid bath. This removes all the gunk that accumulates around the fins and improves the flow of air through the HVAC.

One of the most important pieces of the modern HVAC is the thermostat. The thermostat is the brains of the operation and needs to be in perfect working order. Older appliances and some low-grade equipment come with manual thermostats that use contact switches or mercury switches. These switches can result is faulty operation or failing systems. The best, most efficient option is to replace them with an electronic thermostat. If you need heating or air conditioning repair, replacement or installation and you are looking for HVAC Contractors be sure to visit domain URL.

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