Endless Options for Screen Printing in Olathe!

A great company needs great advertising. To keep it modern and cutting edge, why not try designing a t-shirt that showcases what you’re promoting? With a ton of excellent options, from embroidery in Kansas City to Screen Print Olathe, it can be easy to create fashionable and effective pieces of wearable publicity. Before a business can take advantage of this idea, however, they need to start with a stellar design -; luckily, some companies offer this service as well! If they don’t, here are some graphic designing tips to creating a t-shirt that really sells.

Let’s start with a plan. What is the purpose of this shirt? Is it to inform? Catch someone’s eye? What type of tone is important to the company -; something flashy or subdued? Whimsical or mature? Color scheme can also be important. A high-contrast shirt may make more of a splash than a dull or monotone one, and the colors should complement the intention. One easy and artistic way to create your t-shirt could be by using a photo. Some businesses that provide Screen Print Olathe can even do 3-D puff motifs, metallic inks, and high density gels – the options are almost endless!

What about text? It may be fun to play around with different fonts, but if a passerby can’t read what the shirt says within a second or two, then the purpose has been defeated. On the flip side, you want to steer clear of standard, run of the mill fonts such as the ones that automatically open in a Word document. Finally, as in the color scheme, make sure that the font fits the business. No one wants a swirly, cursive font on a trucking company, and likewise, no one wants an in-your-face grunge motif when advertising a wedding caterer!

Some Screen Print companies in Olathe such as Business Name are happy to work with businesses to design a logo or image. It can be as easy as sending in a sketch or idea on a napkin and then letting the printing company work with their own graphic designers. Of course, all artwork is approved by the buyer before being printed. There is a lot that can go into making the perfect wearable advertising, but by following a few guidelines (and getting a little help when needed), you’ll soon be showing off your new t-shirts!

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