Emotionally Traumatized by a Car Crash? Hire an Auto Accident Attorney in Cecil County

A car collision can leave a person with many broken bones and a broken spirit. After an accident occurs, it can take a rescue squad hours to get a person out of a crumpled wreck. During that time the injured person may be terrified of being crushed to death or dying in a gasoline fire. Long after their body has mended, they may have nightmares and be terrified whenever they are forced to ride in a car. If the car accident was caused by a distracted driver who was talking on their cellphone or drinking coffee, the injured person is entitled to damages. They should contact an auto accident attorney in Cecil County to ensure that their rights are fully protected.

Damages can be used to pay for medical bills for injuries caused by the accident. Injuries can include mental injuries as well as physical injuries. Damages can also compensate the person for lost income. Their lawyer will file the claim with the negligent driver’s insurance company. Usually the insurance company doesn’t approve the claim as submitted. They counter with a much smaller offer. Insurance company lawyers may dispute that their client was a distracted driver. Even if they agree that their client was negligent, they may dispute the extent of the injury. This is particularly true when a person claims psychological injuries. The insurance company psychologists may find that the person is fit to return to work and ready to drive a car. An auto accident attorney in Cecil County will provide proof to counter these findings.

If a person’s injuries are so severe that they wil never be able to work again, then the insurance company will have to provide enough compensation to cover a lifetime of lost income and medical care. Their actuarial experts will always estimate a person’s potential income on the low side. The injured person’s lawyer will have experts to explain why the income estimate should be higher. When an insurance company sees that the lawyer won’t back down, they often agree to a fair settlement out of court.

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