Emergencies That Require a Professional Electrical Contractor in Indianapolis

There are some electrical problems which are a hassle, but can easily wait until morning or a few days for an appointment with a contractor. There are others which cannot wait, and need to be taken seriously. Here are the occasions when a 24-hour emergency call to a Professional Electrical Contractor in Indianapolis is a necessity.

More Than a Discomfort

Electrical problems which prevent heating systems from operating are frustrating when it is cold out. When the temperatures outside are dipping below freezing, there is nothing to be gained from waiting it out. Waiting may cause you to be dangerously cold. Even if you can find somewhere else to stay the night, there is still the risk of freezing pipes or water in the toilets freezing as well.

Potential for Fire

Sparks coming from an outlet, the distinct smell of smoke from somewhere, or GFI switches that are tripping for no apparent reason are all signs of serious problems. These are all issues which could be potentially dangerous, and should not be left for another day. Even turning off the breaker where you suspect the problem is located may not be enough.

After Water Damage

Obviously, when a pipe is leaking, you call a plumber. But you should also call an electrician as well. Water and electricity do not mix, and it may be difficult for you to easily identify all of the areas which were damaged in the flood. An electrician will trace the lines and advise what steps you will need to take to repair any electrical damage. They can also provide estimates for your insurance company, which you will want to have submitted as quickly as possible.

A Power Outage

When the power goes out in your home, but your neighbor’s lights are still on, and you know your power bill is paid in full, call an electrician immediately. The problem could be inside or outside the home, and often the only way to know is with a professional inspection. Whatever the issue, a problem of this magnitude needs to be looked at immediately.

Always keep the emergency number for a Professional Electrical Contractor in Indianapolis close at hand. The last thing you will want to do in a power outage or emergency situation is search for a phone number. Either program it directly into your mobile phone or post the number somewhere obvious, like the fridge, for easy access.


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