Eliminating Spider Veins with Dermatology

For some people, life can be a matter of “look good, feel good,” meaning that their appearance can affect their mood to a great degree. This isn’t the same thing as vanity; vanity is when someone obsesses unreasonably over their appearance, as opposed to having a healthy concern for it. Some blemishes can be minor but mar an otherwise attractive person, especially in their own minds; we are our own harshest critics, after all. This uncertainty can make us more unattractive than the blemish itself. One of these little things that can make a big difference is spider veins. Those not in the know about spider veins are probably lucky enough to not have them, but spider veins are blood vessels that have become visible through the skin, often bright red or purple in color, and they can cob web out, as well.

There are several risk factors that can cause spider veins; the first is age, then hormones, weight, prolonged standing, genetics, and sun exposure. The sun isn’t really your friend when it comes to skin health and appearance. Spider veins along the nose and cheeks are most likely to be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. So what’s someone in Austin to do? Some of the other factors you can help, you can try to control your weight and avoid unnecessary standing, though depending on your life circumstances, that might or might not be possible.

If you can’t prevent it—and there really isn’t much you can do about age genetics, hormones, or whether your job requires you to stand, and living in a place like Austin you’re going to get sun exposure just by living a normal life—then you can consider spider vein removal. Austin has a lot of options for spider vein removal, and this is good for consumers in the area, as more choice usually means lower prices and the ability to maximize what makes you happy. Everyone has slightly different needs and preferences, and a diversity of business helps them fulfill the diverse needs and wants. So consider all the options available for spider vein removal in Austin where you will have access to a dermatologist to perform the treatment.

If possible, you might want to look into a place that offers other services, as well. When dealing with issues of appearance, it’s vital to build a comfort level so that you can be open and honest about what you want and not feel self-conscious, so developing a rapport can help you get the treatment and products you want. You can’t block out the sun, you can’t change your genetics, so why not look into spider vein removal in Austin—you might not be able to turn back the hands of time, but you can turn back their effects.

Spider Vein Removal AustinIf you’re searching for spider vein removal in Austin, Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology provides both general and cosmetic dermatology services, including acne treatments, Botox treatments, acne solutions, and procedures for weight loss. Dr. Lain is dedicated to serving patients and helping them to restore and maintain the best health for their skin. Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology is located at Steiner Ranch at 4300 N. Quinlan Park Rd (512-266-0007) and in Pflugerville at 302 N. Heatherwilde Blvd, Suite 200 (512-252-3700). Visit us online

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