Elderly people are vulnerable to abuse

A nursing home abuse attorney in Clifton NJ is one that deals with issues that pertain to facilities that provide care for the elderly including nursing homes and assisted living facilities. These legal professionals are concerned with promoting the rights of their patients’ rights and the rights of those living in nursing homes.

A major area of concern for a nursing home abuse attorney is neglect and abuse. Once people reach their golden years they are vulnerable to abusive behavior on the part of others; this abuse can be physical, emotional; sexual as well as neglect and there is no social strata that is immune from it, abuse can occur whether the elderly individual is rich or poor. Over and above that the elders human rights and dignity are being abused, this abuse can quickly erode the quality of life and threaten the persons physical well being. There is little doubt that those patients in a nursing home that suffer neglect and abuse are more prone to illness and infection that may even be life threatening.

Often it is a family member that first spots evidence that their elderly relative is not receiving the care one would expect from a nursing home. Should this happen the family member will often be the first to contact a nursing home abuse attorney in Clifton NJ to look into the matter and if necessary, file a law suit. Although it is often a family member who contacts the attorney, the elderly individual can also retain an attorney to help them. Such law suits often result in a settlement for the elder or the family but equally as important, the law suit can bring unwanted attention to the home and the issue of elder abuse in general.

Nursing home attorneys can also work with the elder’s insurance company making sure that the elderly patient is receiving all the benefits that they are entitled to in accordance with their policy. Many people who are in long-term assisted care are often denied their claims and of course they find it impossible to fight a denial of benefits. A skilled nursing home attorney in Clifton NJ can apply his or her in-depth knowledge of elder law to insist that the insurance company pay the claim or provide all the benefits being paid for which greatly reduce the emotional and financial stress the elder is suffering.

When an elderly resident of a nursing home is subjected to abuse the elder or his family can contact a nursing home abuse attorney in Clifton NJ to help. You are welcome to contact the Law Offices of Bagolie Friedman.