Effective Management of Type 1 Diabetes

by | Nov 12, 2015 | Healthcare

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Patients living with diabetes have a large responsibility that involves monitoring their food intake, levels and physical activity. Because there are varying types of the illness, management can vary as well. There are a few keys to help patients effectively manage their Type 1 diabetes.

The failure of the pancreas to produce insulin is the underlying cause of Type 1 diabetes. The body requires insulin in order for sugars to transport from the blood into the cells of the body. This is where it is stored for later use and without proper levels of insulin, sugars can’t enter the cells to do what it needs to do, but instead remains in the blood. Effective management of Type 1 diabetes involves a few simple elements, control of the blood glucose, management of insulin, nutrition, exercise and support.

Medication is one of the most crucial factors in effective management of Type 1 diabetes, as it can only be well-managed when proper protocol is followed concerning medication prescribed by the doctor. A requirement of multiple injections on a daily basis with syringes, pens or perhaps an insulin pump may be necessary. It’s up to the patient to closely monitor their glucose levels and administer the proper amounts of insulin at the right time.

Every type of diabetes relies heavily on the proper nutrition intake. This is a very complex part of the plan that nutritionists and physicians can’t stress enough. It’s imperative that diabetics understand how their bodies respond to certain foods and how these foods affect the blood glucose. Those with Type 1 diabetes should educate themselves on creating meal plans that are appropriate for the diabetic condition they have.

Exercise works hand in hand with proper nutrition and is an essential part of the care of diabetes. Of course proper exercise offers other great benefits that the body needs but as a diabetic, remaining active is crucial. Stabilisation of blood glucose levels occur with mild to moderate activity being performed on a regular basis.

Those suffering from Type 1 diabetes should have emotional support because there will be times when it helps make living with the condition easier to manage. Communicate with others who have the diagnosis and become familiar with some of the practices they use to manage their condition. Living with diabetes is a challenge but it can be easily managed with the proper and careful approach.

Type 1 Diabetes is a common type of the illness that people are learning more about each day. Medtronic knows the importance of proper management to make living with the disease easier.

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