DUI Defense Attorneys in Tucson: Knowing Your Legal Representation Options

by | Feb 12, 2014 | Lawyers

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Any time you get charged with a DUI, you are going to have three different legal representation options to consider including: self-representation, a court appointed lawyer, or DUI Defense Attorneys Tucson. Legally, you have the right to decide what kind of representation you want to have when you get charged with a DUI. Obviously, it would be wise for you to acknowledge the fact that some options are better than others.


One of the biggest mistakes a person can make when being charged with any crime is: believing that they do not need a lawyer because they are pleading guilty. Even if you plead guilty, a lawyer is going to be able to help you cut a deal. When you represent yourself, you are going to have a hard time cutting any kind of deal.

Court Appointed Attorney

There is nothing wrong with using a court appointed attorney, but you should keep in mind that if they were extremely effective law firms such as Law Office of Thomas Wilson would not exist due to lack of business. Court appointed attorneys are great for people who do not have a lot of money. However, they have a very limited amount of time to spend on your case.

Private Defense Attorney

DUI Defense Attorneys Tucson will always be the best option for an individual who has been charged with a DUI. The only downside to hiring a private defense attorney is the fact that they cost a pretty penny. The fact that you are paying the defense attorney means that they are going to give your case the time it deserves. They are not going to be stretched so thin that they cannot take the time to learn about you and your case.

Naturally, you get to decide whether you want a defense attorney, court appointed attorney, or just self-representation. This is not a decision that should be taken lightly as having a DUI on your record can ruin the rest of your life. Even if you decide not to hire an attorney, you should at least meet with one for a free consultation to get some advice on how to handle your case.

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