Drain cleaning is a filthy job, but somebody has to do it

Drain cleaning in Baltimore is a filthy job, not just in Baltimore but anywhere, and not everyone has the skills or the willingness to do the job. If the clog is simple, such as the kitchen sink, the cleaning can often be done by the homeowner. There are many commercial drain cleaners that will unblock a drain; it’s the tough jobs that require the skills of a plumber.

How does drain cleaning in Baltimore actually work?

If a single sink or shower drain is clogged the normal first choice is to introduce a commercially available cleaner into the drain to remove soft obstructions. Soft obstructions are usually an accumulation of hair in the shower or bath or perhaps grease in the kitchen. As these clogs are always close to the drain opening remedies such as chemical cleaners, air burst cleaners, hand augers or plungers often do the job.
Is there advantages one method over another?

When you look at the pros and cons of domestic drain cleaning in Baltimore, there are issues that you need to be aware of.

Chemical drain cleaners are of little value when the clog is a considerable distance from the outlet, such as in the main sewer line. They can also be a hazard as they can easily injure eyes, skin and lungs and precautions must be taken. There are also issues with compatibility between the materials of the plumbing system and the acids in the cleanser.

The advantage of a hand held auger is its low cost and it’s reusable. Although it may have a reach of 25 feet, the drain diameter is limited and there is a tendency for the auger to scratch the surfaces if ceramic fixtures.

Air burst drain cleaners use air or CO2 to blast into the clog and dislodge it. The force on the standing water acts as a ram, the compressed air attempts to escape, thereby taking the clog with it. They are advantageous if the clog is close to the drain and there is standing water, without standing water it will not work well. As there may be a blow back, it is imperative that safety goggles be worn.

What if these remedies don’t work?

The answer is quite simple, call for professional drain cleaning in Baltimore. The equipment that the professional drain cleaner has is well beyond the scope of the home handyman. They often have electric drain cleaners which use the force of an electric motor to turn a flexible cable with an auger device fitted on the working end. They are similar to a hand held auger but they can bore into a clog as far as 200 feet away. They can easily negotiate any bends in the drain and they can accommodate larger pipes.

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