Don’t Skip Out on a Bail Bonds Service in North Richland Hills

Skipping bail is a scary prospect for defendants and family members alike. Anyone who is considering skipping bail should understand the potential consequences. Bail allows a person or their representative to pay a certain amount of money for release from jail, and it involves an agreement to return to court on a predetermined date. Below, readers will learn the consequences of skipping bail.

Skipping Bail: What Is It?

Sometimes referred to as bail jumping, when a person decides to skip bail, they don’t show up for their scheduled court appearance. However, it could also refer to law enforcement’s discovery of plans to jump bail, such as buying one-way plane tickets.

The Consequences

When a person doesn’t show up for their court date, an arrest warrant is issued. Once the suspect is apprehended, they’ll be taken to jail, and they likely won’t get bail again. Along with the warrant, the person’s family will be held responsible for the entire bail amount. A Bail Bonds Service in North Richland Hills typically requires families to pay 10% of the bail amount, but bail skipping results in a bill for the full amount.

Failure to Appear in Court

After a certain time has elapsed, the prosecutor will probably file fugitive from justice or failure to appear charges. These come with added misdemeanor or felony charges; the severity depends on the original charges the bail skipper is facing. If the fugitive isn’t apprehended by police or a bounty hunter within several months, the bondsman pays the court and collects the money from the co-signer.

Is It a Good Idea to Jump Bail?

The short answer is no. When a person skips bail, they not only cause more issues for themselves, but they also cause problems for their family as well. If co-signing for someone’s bail, make sure they will show up for their scheduled court date and won’t jump bail. Using a Bail Bonds Service in North Richland Hills is an easy way to get out of jail quickly. Visit us online or give us a call today to start the bail bonds process as soon as possible.

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