Don’t Rent a Car – Use an Airport Shuttle Oahu!

One of the easiest ways to see Oahu is to ride an airport shuttle or take Tours. This allows you to see everything worth seeing without having to go through the hassle of renting a car or the sweat of walking. Walking may sound like a good idea if you’re sitting in some city like Seattle, but those who aren’t used to Hawaii’s heat will likely feel like they’re boiling alive if they try to add physical exercise to the equation.

Some of the best Tours are run by the same people who operate an Airport Shuttle Oahu. This makes everything even more convenient because it’s easy to take the shuttle bus to hotels near a tour’s starting point.

There are two Oahu tours worthy of special mention: The Pearl Harbor & City Tour and the Royal Circle Island Tour. The Pearl Harbor & City Tour takes you on a narrated journey through Pearl Harbor and then brings you to downtown Honolulu. Along the way, you’ll also see a national cemetery, fisherman’s wharf, Chinatown and Honolulu Harbor. This is a great choice for those who want to catch a bit of history and then check out the wonders of the modern city and its sights.

The Royal Circle Island Tour takes you on a seven hour trip around the island. Expert guides will tell you all about the local culture, and you’ll also get to see the more natural areas still present on this balmy paradise. These tours are capped off with a swim and dinner. They’re the perfect choice for those who want to see the relaxing side of Hawaii.

Both of these tours are run by Airport Shuttle Oahu operator V.I.P. Trans Hawaii. Their shuttles take you to and from Honolulu Airport from popular hotels and resorts. You won’t have to search out the shuttle bus when you choose this company for transportation. They’ll call out your name and actively look for you instead. That’s definitely easier than trying to find a particular vehicle out of a sea of hundreds of them!

To avoid having to rent a car at any point, try booking a room in the city, taking a shuttle to reach it, and then signing up for a tour to see the rest of the island’s sights. You can have an amazing vacation with a tour/Airport Shuttle Oahu combo!

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