Don’t hesitate and Regret It, You Need DUI lawyer Philadelphia PA

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Law

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It can be very intimidating to be pulled over by law enforcement. It can be confusing if you are asked to respond to multiple questions or instructed to step out of your vehicle and it can be devastating if you are arrested for DUI. If this occurs, it is imperative that you contact a competent and experienced DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Whether you realize it or not, a conviction for DUI can cause a multitude of serious problems for you now and far into the future.

DUI lawyer Philadelphia knows that there is a great deal of time that elapses from the moment you are initially stopped by law enforcement and when you are charged. DUI lawyer also knows that a lot can happen in that interim that could have an effect on your charges and your case. Because of vast experience and expertise, DUI lawyer Philadelphia PA can provide you with the best defense possible and mitigate some of the detrimental effects this could have on you.

The ramifications from a DUI conviction can vary and are affected many other factors. These factors include, but are not limited to; prior arrests, convictions and of course the strength of the evidence against you. If convicted of a DUI, an individual can face incarceration, fines, and the conviction will result in a license suspension.

DUI lawyer Philadelphia PA

Laws vary from state to state but in many states, like Pennsylvania, an individual cannot plead guilty to a reduced charge. In other words, if you have been charged with DUI your only recourse is to either plead guilty and face the repercussions or retain a DUI lawyer. DUI lawyer Philadelphia has a reputation of aggressively and successfully representing clients. You need someone you can trust implicitly.

The authorities have plenty of lawyers ready to prosecute to the full extent that the law allows. You need DUI lawyer Philadelphia to protect your rights and scrutinize the case against you. Perhaps there was not reasonable cause to pull you over, maybe the machine that calculated your BAC wasn’t calibrated properly and then there is the chance that adequate, concise records of the incident were not kept. You don’t have the expertise to challenge the inaccuracies the officer’s report may contain. A DUI lawyer can do this along with challenging questionable testimony. Don’t jeopardize your present or your future, call DUI lawyer Philadelphia.

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