Does your Home Insurance Cover you for Water Damage?

It’s a well-known fact that home insurance doesn’t cover water damage caused by flooding, but what if you’re looking to claim for another type of water damage? The cover provided varies from insurer to insurer and it’s always worth checking your policy documents to see exactly what you’re covered for. For instance, many homeowners have their claims for mold damage rejected. Read on more to see whether you will be covered in the event of water damage to your home in Saratoga.

In the event of a storm, if your roof suffers a leak, you might not be covered – this is because your roof generally isn’t covered by your buildings insurance – it’s up to you to keep your roof well maintained. It’s always best to double check with your insurer whether or not your roof is covered by your policy. If a storm damages a window and water gets into the building, this will normally be covered by your home insurance.

Leaking Pipes
Again, insurance policies vary, but if a pipe starts leaking and later you notice damage to your walls, your home insurance probably won’t pay out to repair the damage – home insurance doesn’t cover you if you have simply failed to maintain your home.

If your home has experienced water damage, for example from a leaking washing machine, make sure that you clean up any damage and ventilate the area thoroughly to prevent mold. Hiring the services of cleanup expert for water damage in Saratoga could help to prevent mold from forming and protect your property. When you bear in mind that mold can cause worsening of asthma symptoms, respiratory problems, headaches and bronchitis, it makes sense to protect yourself. Always take steps to stop any water damage at the source and clean up water as soon as possible. When you report any water damage to your insurer, they should be able to advise you if mold damage is covered – a lot of insurers nowadays are capping mold claims.

Damage over time
If you notice a pipe has been leaking and it appears to have been doing so for some time, chances are you have already noticed water damage to your walls and possibly the formation of mold either on or in the wall cavity. Unfortunately, your home insurance probably won’t cover you in this event, as the damage has been done over time. You should never attempt to clean up mold by yourself, as the spores could enter the atmosphere and be inhaled – always call a water damage restoration company who can assist with the removal of mold and any cleanup required.

Your home insurance policy won’t cover you for all kinds of water damage – always check you individual policy, and if in doubt, contact your insurer to double check.