Does You Deserve Legal Compensation for Your Brain Injury?

The diagnosis of serious brain injuries is becoming more prevalent due to greater awareness of this multifaceted problem. Many TBI, or traumatic brain injuries, are caused by someone’s negligence, it may be the driver of a vehicle that strikes yours or a sports-related injury due to inadequate safeguards by the coach. If you think your brain injury deserves compensation from a responsible party, contact a Chicago brain injury lawyer to discuss your situation.

Assemble Documentation

After scheduling an appointment with a personal injury attorney, be prepared to list the entities involved with your injury. This might include a police accident report, sports injury report, and medical records for emergency treatment or follow-up care. You can bring copies of these records if you have them, but if a claim develops, the attorney will request your permission in writing to obtain official records for the medical records and related documents.

Keep a Journal

Keep an informal but detailed journal on a daily or weekly basis to track progress of the brain injury. Include symptoms, doctor visits, physical therapy, missed work, and related observations, along with your emotions or concerns during this period. It is often helpful to jot down meaningful quotes from doctors or other professionals for an accurate account.

Ask Questions

Bring a list of questions about your legal rights and duties for processing a claim. Ask about the litigation process, including a timeline, and what to expect if you file a claim. A Chicago brain injury lawyer can explain how to prepare to ensure the best possible outcome.

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