Do Your Teeth Need Crowns in Salem, OR?

Teeth can become damaged in many ways, but most commonly from decay and injury. Severe stains can also develop and mar a person’s smile appearance. When teeth are damaged and have become unsightly, the dentist can offer crowns in Salem OR. Crowns completely cover the teeth with tooth-shaped shells that improve the smile and make it more attractive. Those who are considering crown placement need to learn all they can about the procedure.

Teeth Must Be Prepared First

Before a tooth can receive a crown, it will need to be prepared by the dentist. To prepare a tooth, the dentist will use special tools to shape the tooth and make it rounder and smaller. The goal of shaping is to make sure the tooth will fit nicely inside the crown once it has been created. Without a snug fit, the crown will be less likely to last for several years and the tooth will not be properly protected.

An impression is made of the teeth once the tooth has been prepared. The impressions are used by the dental lab so the crown can be created. The crown must be specially made for the patient to ensure it looks natural and fits correctly with the surrounding teeth. Until the permanent crown is created, the patient will wear a temporary crown to protect the teeth.

Understanding Crown Placement

It is important individuals understand how their dentist will place the crown once it has been prepared. The dentist will first check to make sure the crown fits properly. If there are any adjustments that need to be made, these will be made before the crown is permanently adhered in place. The dentist will check their patient’s bite and make sure there are no issues with irritation or pain.

Dental crowns are adhered using a special dental cement. Once the crown is found to offer a proper fit, the dentist will use a strong dental cement to keep the crown in place so it will stand up to biting and chewing. Once in place, crowns will typically last five to fifteen years.

If you are in need of crowns in Salem OR, it is important you schedule a consultation with the dentist. Contact Riverfront Dental LLC today so your appointment can be scheduled.

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