Do You Need the Help of an Assisted Living Advisor?

In order to make a choice about assisted living, you need to speak to a counselor first. By making this type of connection, you can better understand what is involved in assuming this type of lifestyle. Typically, anyone who is interested in assisted living is seeking a residence where his or her long-term care needs can be met during his or her senior years.

What Is Assisted Living and Who Is Best Served by the Care?

When you speak with an assisted living advisor, he or she will define how assisted living works and the types of payment sources used for the care. An assisted living facility is designed for a senior who is unable to live safely on his or her own. However, this type of individual also does not require the higher level of care that is offered by a nursing facility.

According to the professional advisors who work at such companies as Oasis Senior Advisors, seniors who live in assisted living residences normally need care that is limited to assistance with medicines, daily living activities, and housekeeping tasks. In most or all facilities, three solid meals per day are provided in a central dining facility.

Professional Nursing Assistance

When you consult with an assisted living advisor, he or she will also elaborate on the accommodations provided in assisted living communities. Usually, residents live in apartments with small kitchen spaces. The staff at the facility offers assistance 24 hours per day for additional security. Most of the assisted living residences that provide care offer professional and licensed nursing services.

When you talk to an assisted living advisor, again, he or she will provide you with information on payment options. Residents can either pay privately for their accommodations and care or may be able to pay with Medicaid. If the advisor thinks that you or a loved one is the right candidate for one of these communities, he or she will provide you with a listing of residences that offer this type of care. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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