Do you need an attorney for a divorce?

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Law

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With about thirty percent of marriages in the US ending in divorce, chances are you know of couples that endured a long, drawn out, nasty divorce as well as other couples that seemed to sail through the process with little fuss or bother. Why is this?

There are numerous answers, including individual personalities, the assets involved and how much the couple relies on a family law attorney in Tampa FL to resolve problems.

Divorce decisions are best made by the couple:

It is possible for couples to work things out between them, or perhaps with a neutral third person to help with thorny issues. If the couple can manage to control issues such as raising of the children, the disposition of the family home and property division, they can usually save themselves considerable time, money and misery. If the issues can be dealt with by the couple the only thing the courts will have to do is to provide the judgment.

When is an attorney needed?

Family law is quite complex, a divorce is far more than a couple deciding to go their own way. It makes a great deal of sense to hire attorneys in Tampa FL if there is abuse involved, be it spousal, substance, sexual or child. In situations like this the law office of Peter N. Macaluso Attorney can arrange for protection from the abuser.

It is also the prudent thing to do if you realize that your spouse is represented. It is not easy for a layperson in any circumstance to go head-to-head with a professional attorney.

The fear of violence:

If there has been a history of violence and you have reason to believe your spruce may harm you or the kids, it is important that you take immediate action. If worse comes to worse your family law attorney in Tampa FL can arrange for a restraining order to keep the abuse individual away. Your attorney can also get you a custody order so the abusive spouse cannot accuse you of kidnapping the children.

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