Do We Need Mulch In San Diego CA?

If we were to cover the entire area in and around San Diego in concrete; we would never have to use Mulch In San Diego CA ever again. Mulching refers to a method of improving the plant growing properties of the soil by addition of selected materials as an extra layer on top of the soil itself. Should we decide to never have any living plants growing anywhere in San Diego County; it probably would not be a very nice place to live in; but, we need never again spend even one cent on purchasing and applying Mulch In San Diego CA. For pretty obvious reasons; that scenario is never going to play out (unless something totally uncontrollable and catastrophic should come to pass).

We Need This Mulch; But, What Is It Made Of?

Strangely enough, mulch can even be something that looks rather like the dreaded plastic bag laid out on a piece of ground! Bearing in mind that mulching is carried out to improve the conditions where a plant’s roots are living; plants need their “comfort” (just like us in our own homes). Too much heat (or not enough heat); too much water (or too little water) and the plant will not grow well and might even wither and die; but, plants do not live on air and water alone; just like us, they need nourishment and they get most of it from the soil they are growing in; some plants need one type of nourishment; others require a different type and Mulch In San Diego CA can be fine tuned to suit a plant’s individual needs.

In an area where there is limited rainfall with lots of hot sunshine in between; the moisture from the rain that lands on the soil and starts to sink in is likely to be quickly evaporated before it can be of benefit to the plants. Cut plant holes in a plastic sheet so that the plant grows up through the holes (and water can also enter those holes) and evaporating water beneath the sheet will condense back onto the soil and reach the plant’s roots while the upper growth can still receive its necessary dose of sunlight. The water content can also be controlled by spray type irrigation.

This is not the traditional mulching but it is still using soil cover to control the underlying environment. Traditional mulch uses composts, wood chips, leaves; or, bark and even ground rock chips to achieve the desired end results.

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