DNA Ancestry Testing: A Brief Overview

by | Nov 25, 2011 | Health Care

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An extremely fascinating aspect of DNA testing, is DNA ancestry. You can build your family tree using this process. You will find various interesting information about your ancestors encoded in the DNA which has been passed down generation after generation.

So how does this amusing process exactly work? What goes into DNA ancestry testing? Well first of all, it is a process which only expert professionals are capable of performing. These are professionals who have studied about this field and have thorough knowledge on it. Reputable labs work with experts who have an experience of a good number of years. Thus, well informed about every aspect of such tests. They also have the right equipments and the knowledge to use them for these purposes.

DNA testing fro maternal ancestry is different from that of paternal ancestry. Paternal ancestry testing is for males who descend directly from a male line. This helps in establishing the paternal history. Females cannot be tested for paternal ancestry as they do not contain the required chromosome to do so. For maternal line testing, males as well as females coming from the female ancestor, is subjected to mitochondrial DNA, which is passed through the DNA to trace maternal lines.

The entire testing process is carried out in a testing facility. All the cells of your body contain DNA cells. However, the most commonly used cell sample is from the saliva of an individual. To collect this sample a sterile scraper or swab is used inside the mouth on the inner part of the cheek. Sometimes a kit is sent to the individuals who need or want to be tested. They collect the sample using the swab or scraper and mail it to the testing lab after placing it in a sterile packet. The test items must be supplied by a reputable testing center and should remain sterile till they are being used. This ensures accurate outcome of the test.

The results come out with a number of interesting information about your family tree. You can unravel a number of facts related to your ancestors. The results contain numbered markers which appropriately indicate repetition or interesting patterns when you compare it to other genealogical lines. Further study will help you in determining ancestors, migration routes, geographical starting points and so on.

Thus, DNA ancestry testing is an amazing development in medical science allowing individuals to discover strong links between the different generations. A proper study can help you reconstruct a family history.


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