DIY Central Air Conditioning Repairs

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Air Conditioning

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Most homes today are air conditioned. The units can be multiple window units, one per room, split units and central air conditioning. If your home has central air conditioning, and it is not working as it should, it usually pays to have a look first before calling for air conditioning repair in Chicago. An air conditioner that does not cool as well as it once did may just need a little maintenance; a unit that refuses to turn on may have flipped a circuit breaker. These and other simple fixes may save you money by eliminating the need to call for professional air conditioning repair in Chicago.

It is quite apparent that serious issues such as strange noises need professional attention, but minor issues can be handled by anyone with a little DIY skill and a few basic tools. A couple of common problems are:

Air conditioner is not cooling:

A central air conditioner has the compressor mounted outdoors. Often, the reason the air conditioner does not perform as you expect is because the compressor needs cleaning. It is not a difficult job, and it may save you from calling for air conditioning repair in Chicago.

  • There are usually two sources of power, a switch mounted on the wall outside your home and the circuit breaker at the main panel indoors. Shut off both these power supplies.
  • Remove all debris from around the compressor; leaves, tall grass and bushes can impede air flow to the unit.
  • Remove the grills and top cover from the compressor. If your unit has the fan as an integral part of the grill, be careful not to dislodge and wires.
  • Remove dirt and debris from the exposed fins using a soft brush. Once the dirt has been dislodged, vacuum thoroughly, taking care not to damage the delicate fins.
  • Protect the motor and wiring with a plastic garbage bag and spray the fins with water, this rids the fins of all impediments. If the compressor motor has a lubrication cup, put a couple of drops of oil in the cup, do not over lubricate.
  • Reassemble
  • Test the unit, turn the thermostat off, reset the electrical supply at the switch and breaker and then set the thermostat to the on position. Let it run for a few minutes, feel the pair of pipes that run from the condenser, one should be warm; the other should feel cool.

If this cleaning did not help, then professional air conditioning repair Chicago area should be called, the unit may need recharging with refrigerant.

The air conditioner does not blow air:

  • If the motor on the blower is running but there is no air coming from the vents, then the problem is a broken drive belt between the motor and the blower unit.
  • Turn off all power to the unit.
  • Remove the door on the air handler cabinet; this gives access to the blower. Check the part number written on the belt and buy an exact duplicate.
  • Install the new belt, start at the smaller pulley on the motor, set the belt on the blower pulley and rotate the pulley by hand. The belt will slip easily into place. The belt may feel a little too tight or loose; either of these conditions can be corrected by adjusting the motor mount.

Once the air handler cabinet door has been replaced and the power is back on, the unit will once again, blow.

Installation, maintenance and air conditioning repair in Chicago are three of the professional services offered by ELM Heating & Cooling. The service technicians are all trained and certified to provide the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.


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